5 Things Buyer's Agent Expects You to Know
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5 Things Buyer’s Agent Expects You to Know

Many potential buyers consider buying a dream home the most crucial decision. They don’t want to gamble with their home or investment property. Moreover, they can’t afford to buy unsuitable properties. 

A good buyer’s agent helps to secure a profitable investment property and guides buyers on the entire buying process. He also engage in the negotiation process and the purchasing process. Meanwhile, first-time home buyers don’t have prior experience with a home purchase.

Aside from the low experience of first-time buyers, experienced buyers need the full service of best buyers agents. The buyer’s agent is involved with the purchase price, auction bidding, off market listings, silent listings, and other activities in the purchasing process. 

The real estate buyer’s agent may give an independent advice on how to find properties or determine a suitable property. These activities are essential part of property investing towards capital growth or rewards from rental yield. 

However, homebuyers hardly have control over factors affecting the real estate market that makes buying a home to be successful. Therefore, they also need the full service of a real estate buyer’s agent and a selling agent. 

Buyer’s agents are critical in buying a home in the property market because they are the closest to the pulse of the potential home buyer. 

They clearly understand the buyers’ questions and are most relative to providing solutions to the challenges. Meanwhile, the potential buyer looks up to them.

Just like a potential buyer has expectations, the buyer’s agent also expects the other party to have some basic understanding

These agents believe this knowledge will further make their work easier. In the end, both parties can work together as a team to actualize the dream of the potential home buyer.

5 Things Buyer's Agent Expects You to Know

Be ready to buy a house

Many people only wish to buy a home; they are not ready for what the process takes. In such cases, the potential homebuyer is not fulfilling the expectations of the buyer’s agent. 

The agents have a lot of people and processes they deal with and hardly have time for people testing the waters.

They want to deal with potential buyers who are at least ready to buy a house or have a plan in place already. 

Of course, window shopping is fine, but you don’t want a buyer’s agent to take all the stress on finding you good properties only to find out that you are not ready to buy.

If you are not ready yet to buy the home, you don’t need a buyer’s agent. Not just pick any agent but only deal with licensed professionals. Instead, you should attend open houses and tour the desired neighborhoods for notices of homes on sale. 

Also, you can dream as wild and wide as you want. Otherwise, be ready to buy before you call a buyer’s agent.

Get preapproval for a mortgage

Part of the signs that proves a buyer’s readiness investment properties is a preapproval for your mortgage loan. Before finding the right property in the local real estate market with the current market value. 

But, of course, before a mortgage bank can issue you a preapproval, they must have examined your credit history. They also check your savings account to establish that you are credit-worthy.

Otherwise, a buyer’s agent can link you with suitable lenders or recommend credit repair specialists to put you in the correct position. Real estate agents can also help sell real estate properties thereby acting as a selling agent. 

So, a serious homebuyer should hire an expert buyer’s agent to have a successful home purchase process. Not only will a buyer’s advocate help to find an ideal property, but they can also serve in the whole process of property investing.

The Buyer’s Budget

Hand-in-hand with your loan preapproval is the willingness to spend up to the loan amount of property. That brings up the subject of your budget for the home you seek to buy. It is safer not to cut oneself very close to the loan amount to maintain stable finances.

Ask yourself if you consider all the essential expenses you may likely incur but weren’t factored into the preapproval process. Moreover, basic but constant expenses come with owning a home. Examples include travel, dining, entertainment, and other costs.

First, you will have to remove these fixed or variable expenses from your mortgage to determine how much you can afford as monthly repayment. 

Remember that you don’t want to acquire a property that leaves your entire life in financial instability. Go for what you can afford.

5 Things Buyer's Agent Expects You to Know

Some topics are off-limits with a Buyer’s Agent 

There are topics you are not expected to discuss with a buyer’s agent at your first meeting. Not because the buyer’s agent lacks in-depth knowledge of ideal properties, but because certain subjects on property investment are not generic.

Moreover, these topics may not directly determine the outcome of the entire process of property purchase in real estate. But if you find a real estate agent with the answer, it will gladden the heart of the prospective buyer.

For example, although the buyer’s agent may have some knowledge of the law, you should not expect the buyer’s advocate to provide legal assistance for legal and tax matters. This service is not part of their core responsibilities.

The buyer’s agents are real estate specialists, not professional lawyers, who can sort you out. Apart from legal matters, specific rules prevent buyers from discussing certain topics during conversations. Examples of such issues include racial composition and community security.

Remove distractions

When preparing to check out some properties, learn to reduce distraction as much as possible. For example, you do not want to bring kids around because they may cause a distraction. Instead, you would leave them with a family member or a trusted babysitter.

As a result, you can focus on the task of the day while representing any unprofessional activity to come your way. 

The timing of the appointment is also crucial such that you can plan your schedule ahead of time. You also do not want your potential homebuyer to have a wrong idea.

Discuss with a listing agent

The listing or seller’s agent is not an enemy in buying your dream home. Instead, the potential buyer cannot even achieve his goal without them. However, the seller’s agent also seeks to get their client’s maximum amount.

But discussing with a listing agent requires a lot of care, so you don’t leak vital information. The seller’s agents are not susceptible, but some may be tricky to get along with. So you only need to know who you are dealing with and not divulge any information that produces results.

The Art of Negotiation

We cannot leave out the power of negotiation from buying a home- whether you use a buyer’s agent or not. Whether the buyer’s budget is small or big, other factors will influence the success of the process. You can imagine them as terms and conditions.

For many reasons, a buyer can eventually buy from another seller’s agent even if you offer a lower price. For instance, he can choose another buyer due to more flexibility in the payment plans and willingness to adapt to their peculiar needs.

The Process of Securing an Investment Property Sale

Moreover, the entire process of finding a famile home or investment property comprises many steps such as

  • Finding specific property
  • Building inspections 
  • Negotiating property prices
  • Finalising property purchase at the right price
  • Buyer’s Agent charges a fixed fee, flat fee, engagement fee, or a percentage of the property purchase price
  • Agents accept sale commission


Finally, after concluding the meeting with your buyer’s agent, kindly remember that finding the right home takes time. Even if a buyer’s agent has access to a long list from any seller’s agent, it will still take some time to sort out and check-up.

You must also confirm that the property falls within your interest range and is under your budget. Only then can the buyer’s agent present the property to you.